*Fall 2023 programming is now open for registration!*

The CIRTL Network offers a variety of courses, workshops, and webinars taught by faculty all across the network. Although there are some regularly-scheduled courses such as the foundational fall and spring MOOCs (massive open online courses), the programming changes every semester.

Here is a sampling of the programming CIRTL regularly offers:

CIRTL Foundational Courses

Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching (7 weeks)

This popular asynchronous 7-week MOOC (MOOC stands for "massive open online course," meaning the course is open and available to all), is foundational to all of the work you will do in CIRTL. Offered fall/summer. 

Advancing Learning Through Evidence-Based STEM Teaching (7 weeks)

This course builds on the CIRTL Network course, “An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching.” That course is recommended, but not required, as a prerequisite for participating in this course. Offered spring.

The Inclusive STEM Teaching Project (6 weeks)

This innovative course is designed to advance ability and awareness for cultivating inclusive STEM learning environments.

Special-Topics Courses

While the schedule changes every semester, some of the most popular CIRTL courses include:

Basics of Online Learning & Teaching (10 weeks)

This online blended 10-week course walks students through online course development in a mix of synchronous and asynchronous activities. The course will begin with 4 weeks of synchronous online sessions providing an overview of the course and effective online pedagogy. This will be followed by a mix of synchronous and asynchronous sessions on building a course. Each week will involve approximately 4-6 hours of readings, videos, assignments, discussions, and peer feedback. During this time students will work on their final projects where they will develop materials for an online course (or unit) they plan to teach in the future. The course will end with 1 week of student micro-teaching presentations to the group.

Transforming Your Research Into Teaching (TYRIT) (6 weeks)

Transforming Your Research Into Teaching (TYRIT) is a unique, hybrid course focused on learning the skills of course design and developing a college-level course based on the area of your research expertise. In this course, you will be matched with peers across the country who are developing courses in similar areas for peer review and inspiration. You will also have a learning community, either based out of your institution, or a cross-network learning community to have weekly synchronous meetings for discussion of your projects and what you're learning.

First-Year Faculty Teaching Academy (3 weeks)

Learn teaching and learning fundamentals in this intensive 3-week course from the University of Florida's Center for Teaching Excellence. This course is designed for future faculty and early career faculty in their first years of teaching. Learn how to create a great learning experience for your students while developing a solid foundation of best teaching practices and strategies.

The College Classroom (12 weeks)

Get an introduction to key learning principles and the basics of effective, evidence-based teaching practices in this course about teaching in the college classroom. This course will focus on developing inclusive, learner-centered approaches to teaching. Students will explore the interconnectedness of learning objectives, assessment, and learning activities through both discussion of course materials and developing and practicing their own lesson plan.


The CIRTL Network hosts interactive workshops that will have you doing hands-on, collaborative work on topics of teaching and learning. These workshops count toward the first certificate level. Most of the CIRTL workshops focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in higher education.


The CIRTL Network hosts a number of cross-network webinars each semester about topics of interest related to teaching and research. These drop-in sessions are one-hour, low commitment conversations and a great way to stay connected with CIRTL.