Courses, Workshops, & Events

CIRTL participants are encouraged to take a variety of courses, workshops, and events in the network and locally (see requirements for each Certificate Level). Once you've designed your pathway, use the links below to research the courses and workshops you'd like to take to satisfy each requirement.



CIRTL Courses

The CIRTL Network offers cross-network courses related to teaching and learning. Their popular "Introduction to Undergraduate STEM Teaching" MOOC is offered every semester and counts toward the first certificate level.

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CIRTL Workshops

The CIRTL Network hosts interactive, cross-network workshops that will have you doing hands-on, collaborative work on topics of teaching and learning. These workshops count toward the first certificate level.

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Faculty at Workshop

CIRTL Events

The CIRTL Network hosts a number of cross-network webinars (called events) each semester about topics of interest related to teaching and research. These drop-in sessions are one-hour, low commitment conversations and a great way to stay connected with CIRTL.

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