The original UA AAU STEM Education Project Leadership Team was comprised of the four Principal Investigators and various members across campus. The team met once a week during the academic year to discuss programs related to the Project as well as professional development opportunities, STEM education literature, assessments and learning outcomes, grants and awards, presentations and publications, and other campus initiatives and innovations.

Gail Burd Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Teaching & Learning
Deb Tomanek Professor Emerita of Molecular & Cellular Biology
Lisa Elfring Assistant Vice Provost for Instruction & Assessment
Vicente Talanquer University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Jane Hunter
Project Manager
Director of Academic Resources and Special Projects
Ed Prather Professor of Astronomy
Erin Dokter Associate Professor of Practice, Instruction & Assessment
Hal Tharp Associate Head & Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
John "Drew" Milsom Director of Undergraduate Studies & Senior Lecturer of Physics
John Pollard Interim Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Honors College
Jonathan Cox Research Associate of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Lee Ryan Head & Professor of Psychology
Katelyn Southard Assistant Research Scientist of Chemistry and Biochemistry-Sci
Kenneth "Ken" Johns Associate Head & Professor of Physics
Molly Bolger Assistant Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology
Paul Blowers University Distinguished Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering
Roman Lysecky Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering