The University of Arizona expects that all instructors are qualified to teach in the discipline of the course or class they are assigned to teach. This qualification includes a degree one level above the students of instruction (for example, PhD for MS students) or have demonstrated scholarship/research in the area of instruction or hold a professional license/are a professional in the field of instruction. In addition administrators in academic units are expected to have enough full-time faculty to oversee curricular development, instruction, and verify quality of their programs.

Faculty Credentials Information

Faculty qualifications for instruction must be made by the Department Head and must be approved by the Academic Associate Dean of the College. In some cases, faculty will have different disciplines represented by a master’s degree than a PhD or other similar degree. Degrees in two disciplines broaden the instructional qualification of the faculty member.

A list of acceptable documentation that satisfies Faculty Qualifications for Instruction is listed in Dr. Burd's 2019 Memo: Process for Verifying Faculty Qualifications for Instruction . The process to enter credential information in UAccess can found in the Quick Reference Guide by Workforce Systems

Translation Services

Translation services are offered by the College of Humanities. Expenses for this service must be covered by the individual or the department.