As of Spring 2019, the University of Arizona has a total of 33 Innovative Learning Spaces--28 Collaborative Learning Spaces (CLSs) and 5 Flexible Learning Spaces (FLSs) --that are distributed across campus, ranging in size from 24 to 264 students. Each room has a flexible furniture arrangement with students sitting in small groups and projectors/screens or monitors mounted around the room to ensure that all students have a good view of the presentation materials. The sound-absorbing carpet and splash of color on the accent wall in each room create an inviting learning environment.  Tabletop whiteboards provide an effective tool for engaging students in learning tasks.  These rooms are equipped with enhanced networks and ample power outlets for courses that encourage the use of technology.  See the Innovative Learning Spaces map as of Spring 2019. 

cls huddle space

Huddle Space

UA's largest Collaborative Learning Space, Gittings 129B, seats 264 students and has adjacent huddle in and huddle out spaces for smaller group discussions to be held before and after class.

node chair 5-star base

Flexible Learning Space

 The Flexible Learning Spaces have swivel chairs with wheels and personal work surfaces. Click for the list of 5 FLSs on campus. 

ctsrooms mclnd

Active Lecture Halls

Many instructors find creative ways to engage students in the large lecture halls by using tools and techniques such as pair & share, polling apps and laptop whiteboards.