SAIL: Student Advocates for Improved Learning

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SAIL (Student Advocates for Improved Learning) is an important component of the UA Learning Initiative.

Undergraduate students are invited to enroll in a 1-credit course designed to provide a knowledge base and application of effective evidence-based learning strategies. 


The course - PSY 397 - SAIL: Student Advocates for Improved Learning -  includes intense study of the fundamentals of the science of learning. Students read important references such as Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning, (Brown, et al., 2014), and practice using the strategies in their own courses.

Testimonials from former SAIL students:

"If I had not implemented this strategy [learned in the SAIL course], I think I would have been very lost in completing [my] in-class assignment; however, because I had implemented elaboration […] I am able to answer all questions on past mock tests on my own and correctly due to [elaboration]. Thus, I am feeling very confident for my upcoming exam next week."

"This past week in my Physics 103 class I decided to complete the homework using generation[…]I found that it made much more sense. I got a better idea of where I went wrong and why you need to solve the problem that way."

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