The Collaborative Learning Spaces feature many unique characteristics that help to create outstanding learning environments.  All of the CLSs have the following characteristics:

  • round or rectangular tables for 4-6 students that instructors and learning assistants can access
  • adjustable height swivel chairs
  • projectors/screens and monitors throughout the room to ensure that all students have a good view of the materials being projected
  • enhanced networks to accommodate courses with heavy use of technology
  • ample power outlets at the tables or around the perimeter of room
  • sound-absorbing carpet and a splash of color on an accent wall to create an inviting learning environment
  • tabletop whiteboards for each table

The qualities of instructors that thrive in teaching in Collaborative Learning Spaces are described in this handout:


Instructors who are uncertain about the suitability of their courses or wish to transform their courses and need help, should contact Erin Dokter,, for additional resources that are available to all UA instructors.