The CIRTL Network is a free professional development program that prepares STEM graduate students and postdocs for teaching in higher education. Participants can earn Associate, Practitioner, and Scholar badges and certificates by completing a variety of local and cross-network CIRTL programming. We also offer the Network's first Postdoc Pathway Program, a one-year fast-track certificate designed especially for postdoctoral scholars.

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The CIRTL Network prepares STEM graduate students and postdoctoral scholars for future teaching positions in higher education. UArizona joined the network in 2020.

Join The Network

Joining the CIRTL community is easy! Once you sign-up for the CIRTL program here, our program coordinator will reach out to you and show you how to get started on your certificate levels.

Certificate Levels

CIRTL participants can earn three levels of accomplishment by taking a combination of workshops and courses, conducting classroom-based research, and presenting and/or publishing on this research.

Courses & Workshops

CIRTL network offerings include local events, live online courses, workshops, discussions, MOOCs, and podcasts. Recent offerings covered topics like promoting equity in STEM for all genders, reducing math anxiety, and engaging students in high-impact practices.


Want to see what CIRTL@UArizona has been up to? Check out upcoming events, featured profiles, media coverage, alumni check-ins, and teaching-as-research project spotlights in our local CIRTL chapter.

CIRTL Postdoc Pathways Program

Are you a postdoc looking to improve your teaching skills? Our new accelerated Postdoc Pathway Program combines training in pedagogy and a unique co-teaching experience to help get you ready for the classroom in just one year.

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