Syllabus Project

Course syllabi contain important information about the courses instructors teach. These documents provide a record of instructional objectives, methods, assessments, and policies for each class taught at the University.

For accreditation and assessment purposes, it is important that UA administration has access to key information contained in the syllabus. Departments are required to keep hard or electronic copies of syllabi, but it is not efficient to access these records from multiple departments when there is a regulatory request. Personnel from the Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA) and University Information and Technology Services (UITS) are piloting a project to have instructors submit their full course syllabus or an abbreviated Course Outline via D2L so that the most important information, from a compliance and assessment perspective, can be obtained seamlessly via UAccess.

Federal policy mandates that students have access to the instructional policies and requirements for classes prior to registration. This project will also allow students to view the course syllabus/outline from the most recent course administration at the time that they are registering for courses, allowing them to make more informed decisions in advance of registration.

Suggested Syllabus for Spring 2022

The Pandemic Academic Coordination (PAC) Work Group and an advisory group of faculty members have finalized Fall 2022 Classroom Management Resources, which includes recommended language for inclusion in your Fall 2022 syllabi. This guidance is intended to augment the Attendance Policies and Practices provided by the Dean of Students Office.


Upload Your Syllabus/Course Outline

Instructors may find it easier to upload the complete course syllabus. However, if they do not wish to share the entire document, they can simply paste the text into the Course Outline template and use the D2L Directions to upload and publish it to the syllabus repository.