Learning to Learn

Research shows that many study strategies commonly used by students are inefficient and result in less lasting learning than the recommended evidence-based strategies. The goal of the Learning to Learn Series is to help UA students become better learners. Each part of the series focuses on one evidence-based learning strategy and provides useful information about it, why the strategy works and how faculty can incorporate simple exercises to teach their students to use such a strategy and become better learners.

The Learning to Learn Ambassadors are UA instructors from across campus who want to help your students become better learners. We will visit your class to conduct a 50- or 75-minute session on strategies students can use to improve their own learning. The session is relevant for students in any discipline and is a great way to help your students to be more successful, particularly after a midterm assessment. If you are ill or traveling on a class day, contact us to work with your students so you won’t have to cancel class!

The Learning to Learn Series