Collaborative Learning Spaces are scheduled by Room & Course Scheduling (RCS). Preference to teach in a Collaborative Learning Space should be indicated by selecting the Room Characteristic of 35-Collaborative Learning Space during the RCS Open Scheduling period. Faculty on the CLS Preferred Instructor List are eligible for preferential scheduling when properly requested during the RCS Open Scheduling period. 

Note: Other criteria, such as standard meeting patterns and capacity requirements, must be met to receive preferential scheduling.

Applications must be received by the end of RCS Open Scheduling for that semester in order to be considered for preferred scheduling. However, it is recommended that applications to become a CLS Preferred Instructor and requests for Collaborative Learning Spaces be submitted early.

To add or change sections after RCS Open Scheduling ends, instructors should work with their program/curriculum coordinators to submit a RCS Online Section Forms.

Please contact The CLS Team,, or Room & Course Scheduling,, with questions regarding the processes to request Collaborative Learning Spaces.

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