The Collaborative Learning Spaces are specially designed to facilitate collaborative active learning strategies that are known to improve student learning. By choosing to teach in a CLS, the instructor agrees to adhere to the following expectations for these unique spaces:

  • Develop a sound understanding of evidence-based teaching and learning using the resources available on this website, through the University Center for Assessment, Teaching and Technology or other professional development opportunities.
  • During class, use short, focused lecture segments that enhance conceptual understanding of lesson’s topics as opposed to lengthy lectures.
  • Interleave small group activities and relevant explanations to foster critical thinking and promote deeper learning throughout each class session.
  • For large classes, use a team of Learning Assistants including co-instructors, Teaching Assistants and/or undergraduate preceptors to provide support to students during in-class activities. 
  • Ensure classes are taught exclusively by instructor(s) prepared to teach in a CLS.
  • Welcome faculty and others who may request to observe classes taught in the CLSs.
  • Participate in efforts to evaluate the impact of the Collaborative Learning Spaces on student learning and faculty and student attitudes.
  • Acknowledge that ongoing evaluations may be conducted to ensure that courses are a good fit for the unique spaces.
  • Be assured that UA is fully committed to support all faculty in their efforts to achieve excellence in education.

Requests to teach in Collaborative Learning Spaces are sent to the Office of the Registrar, Room and Course Scheduling (RCS) during the Open Scheduling Period each semester.  The scheduling system is designed to give priority to those who have been identified as CLS Preferred Instructors.

To become CLS Preferred Instructors, faculty members must demonstrate that they are well-prepared to teach in a CLS by agreeing to adhere to the expectations to teach in a Collaborative Learning Space as outlined above, and completing the one-time application form that is available below.  

The new Flexible Learning Spaces with swivel chairs on wheels provide an opportunity for instructors to explore using collaborative activities in their courses.