Faculty and Student Comments

Both faculty and students find the Collaborative Learning Spaces to be beneficial. Below are some of the favorable comments we have heard:

I am trying new ideas here that I have never tried in my 10 years of teaching so it has been fun for me.  The classroom is a ‘partner’ in the learning process.” (ILC Rm 141 instructor)

"The ability to use whiteboards and work through some practice problems during class is invaluable.  It helps me to stay more engaged in the class, and to better understand the material.” (BioSciences West Rm 301 Student)

"In this kind of active learning environment, the point is to change the roles and change the expectations. It’s not about the professor doing the work and the students passively observing, taking notes.  Everyone is supposed to work.” (Chavez 307 Instructor)

Additional CLS Faculty and Student Comments

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