APR Management Team

APR Management Team

The Academic Program Review (APR) Management Team is available to help throughout the APR process.  Tap the knowledge of experts in Academic Affairs; Instruction & Assessment; and Analytics and Institutional Research.  Contact information and APR specialties are listed below. 

Office of the Provost | Academic Affairs

For general APR questions and tips on self-study reports, start with the Provost's Office

Meg Lota Brown

Associate Vice Provost, Academic Affairs


Kat Francisco

Sr. Manager, Academic Affairs

626-4099 | kats@arizona.edu

Office of Instruction and Assessment (OIA)

Consult with OIA personnel about program assessment and student learning outcomes

Ingrid Novodvorsky

Director for Teaching, Learning & Assessment

626-4187 | novod@email.arizona.edu

Elaine Marchello

Assistant Director for Assessment

621-1328 | evm@email.arizona.edu

University Analytics & Institutional Research (UAIR)

Questions about the APR dashboard or other reports in Analytics should be addressed to members of the Business Intelligence team in UAIR. Work with Institutional Research experts for special information on faculty scholarly productivity or academic analytics data.

Ashley Hurand

Assistant Director, UAIR

621-3274 | mclaren@email.arizona.edu

Jessica Martinez

Associate Research Scientist & Sr. Data Analyst

621-4302 | jhamar@email.arizona.edu

Jessica Calderwood

Data Analyst