Researchers from the Association of American Universities (AAU) visited campus on February 22-23, 2018 to examine UA's institutional landscape of undergraduate STEM education innovations. The team met with individuals and groups that were (and still are) involved in undergraduate STEM education reform efforts at UA.  This visit allowed the research team to start to identify approaches and leadership roles that improve undergraduate education.  Thus, AAU was able to continue to advance their National Science Foundation funded project, Leveraging the AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative. 

The AAU researchers returned to campus again on March 14-15, 2019 to further understand the administrative roles and organizational structures that UA put in place to support and align efforts to improve the effectiveness of undergraduate STEM teaching and learning.  The research team was interested in understanding the limitations and benefits of these approaches for improving undergraduate STEM education, as well as the implication of institutional context on these approaches. 

Resources About the AAU STEM Study and Visit

Description of the Visit and Study
Short Bios of the AAU STEM Researchers
Informed Consent Form for the AAU STEM Project
Description of the Study within the Context of the Larger AAU Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative