As of Fall 2019, the University of Arizona has thirty-two centrally-scheduled Innovative Learning Spaces ranging in size from 24 students to 264 students which includes five new Flexible Learning Spaces ranging in size from 24 to 80 students. The official schedules are created by Room & Course Scheduling (RCS) in the Office of the Registrar.  Classroom schedules are available to the campus community through the Ad Astra system.  The Office of Academic Affairs is no longer maintaining and publishing the CLS Schedules on this page; however, a link to all the Collaborative Learning Spaces is provided below. To learn more about using Ad Astra, please contact

To view a list of collaborative classrooms on campus, visit the Registrar's list of Centrally Scheduled Classrooms and click on the tab for Room Details.  Then select the classification of Collaborative Classrooms.