Registration and Schedule

Book Club, Registration, and Workshops

Interested in joining an online book club? We'll be using FlipGrid to explore the book Powerful Teaching.  The book is available online through the UA Library at no cost to you!  

If you have never tried FlipGrid, now is your chance to see if you like it, how you might use it in your teaching, and to discuss the newest book on evidence-based teaching practices. 

To join the book club, please click here.  The password is FLCbook.  You can join any time and contribute when you have time.  

Happy reading! 


FLC Fall Registration

FLC fall registration is still available.  It's no too late for you to join an FLC. 

We have FLCs meeting Mondays - Fridays at various times.  Hopefully, you'll find something that fits with your schedule.  Check out the schedule here

Please register here and email Sarah Grace,, with any questions. 


FLC Workshop Series

SEPTEMBER WORKSHOP: Teaching & Learning in a Large Collaborative Learning Classroom 

Our first workshop puts you in a large, active learning classroom. Learn from faculty who teach 200+ students in these spaces and see what it’s like to be a student and an instructor in a collaborative classroom. 

Please register here for the Friday, Sept. 20th workshop from 3-4pm in Gittings 129c (one of our newest collaborative learning classrooms). 


OCTOBER WORKSHOP: Small changes, big impacts

Are you interested in exploring teaching strategies that you can easily implement in any class?

This workshop focuses on making small changes with big impacts. Byron Hempel and Paul Blowers will share teaching techniques for promoting student engagement and assessing learning.

Come prepared to learn strategies you can easily implement in your courses.

Register here for the Tuesday, October 15th workshop from noon-1pm. 


NOVEMBER WORKSHOP: Incorporating Gamification & Badging in your Online Classes 

Are you curious about what gamification is and how you can use badging to improve engagement and student participation in your online classes? This workshop will give you some ideas about how to easily "level-up" your courses to make them more engaging, interesting, and fun while attending to learning outcomes and student achievement. 

This workshop will be delivered online via Zoom, Thursday, Nov. 14th from 10-11am.  Registration opens in October.