Fall 2020 Faculty Learning Community Registration

Registration for Fall 2020 has begun!

All faculty learning communities will be offered live-online via Zoom. Unless otherwise noted in the registration, Zoom meetings will be recorded for registered participants to watch later if they are unable to attend the live-online session. 

Faculty learning communities begin the week of September 21st and run through November 20th. We will meet 5 times (generally every other week) for approximately one hour per meeting.

Click on any of the registration links below to get more info about the learning community. 

  • You may register for more than one group, however, group numbers are capped in order to ensure that participants can receive individual attention and develop meaningful connections with each other and the facilitators. Please only register for the group(s) that you can make a commitment to attend. 
  • You only need to register once, and you are registered for the entire semester. 
  • All participants who participate in a faculty learning community receive recognition in UAccess Learning of their professional development contributions. 
  • If you need accommodations in order to participate, please let me, Sarah, know. 

Contact Sarah Grace (sgrace@email.arizona.edu) with any questions. 

Note: These communities are open to anyone with an interest in teaching and learning. 

Monday, 3-4pm, Student Engagement, Paul Blowers & Eric Smith Tuesday, 11-noon, Graduate Student Focus, Kristen Ackley Tuesday, 1-2pm, Online Instruction & Online Observations, Byron Hempel Tuesday, 3-4pm, Motivating Students in Online Classes, Kathleen Kennedy & Adam Clark Tuesday, 3-4pm, Effective Facilitation/leading/teaching, Sarah Grace Wednesday, 9-10am, Preparing for the Spring Semester, Jessie Brown & Tim Ottusch Wednesday, 11-noon, Teaching Large Classes, Sarah Lavelle Thursday, 9-10am, Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum, Kristin Winet & Aimee Mapes Thursday, 2-3pm, Online Teaching, Dana Narter & Tierra Stimson Friday, 10-11am, Online Teaching, Lisa Rezende & Kate Bunton Friday, 2-3pm, Diversity & Inclusion, Jennifer Teske & Abby Ferber Workshop 1: Friday, Sept. 18th @ 11:30 am - How to Enhance STEM by Making it Inclusive Workshop 2: Wednesday, Sept. 23 @ 3 pm - Well Being Ritual - Tea & Empathy, Sarah Grace