Stefano Nerozzi

Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Research Mentor: Jack Holt
Teaching Mentors: Lynn Carter & Jack Holt

Dr. Nerozzi is an Italian geologist and a planetary science postdoc. He is the Science PI on a selected NASA Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP) proposal to study the fluvial and volcanic history of outflow channel systems in Utopia Planitia, Mars. He is also the PI on a recently funded MDAP project that will employ a wide variety of radar sounding and geologic mapping techniques to reveal the nature of icy sedimentary deposits at the north pole of Mars. He currently mentors an enthusiastic and diverse team of three undergraduate research assistants, who assist him in his primary research work and conduct exploratory investigations for future projects, but he is looking forward to co-teaching with a mentor as part of the Postdoc Pathways program.