Powerful Strategies to Improve Learning is a new program offered entirely online through D2L.  This is a non-credit course, which means it is offered at no cost to students.  This program builds upon the work of the SAIL program by providing students with the opportunity to learn about and apply evidence-based learning strategies.

Although this is a self-paced program, students will have many opportunities to engage with each other and the instructor.  Students will earn badges throughout and a micro-credential upon completion of the program. 


Benefits for students:

  • Students will learn AND apply at least 8 effective learning strategies

  • Students will have the opportunity to engage with classmates and the instructor

  • Students will receive feedback on their performance

  • Students will gain confidence in their abilities to implement effective learning strategies

  • Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own learning strategies


Benefits for Instructors:

  • Your students will be supported as they learn new strategies

  • Your class time can be devoted to covering course content 

  • Your students will gain confidence in their abilities to learn effectively and efficiently

  • You might stop hearing "But I studied for the test...why did I fail?" 


Topics Covered Include:

  1. How to create and use flash cards more effectively

  2. What to do if you only have two-minutes

  3. Why cramming doesn't work in the long run

  4. How to battle procrastination

  5. How to take more effective notes

  6. And much more! 


Sources referenced throughout the program:


Contact Sarah Grace, sgrace@email.arizona.edu, with any questions.