Go to D2L Content and make sure the module name has the keyword "syllabus" in it. The easiest way to adjust a module name is to click Bulk Edit and Type over the old name. Click Done Editing when you have finished typing. Move all of the files you need to publish into this Module. Now go back to the Publish button on the course home and all of your files will show up and be ready for you to click Send It.

The course outline is a great alternative to publishing your complete syllabus. It does not require your full list of readings. You can copy and paste the specific information from your syllabus into the specific sections of the document. When it asks for readings please specify the book titles, and obfuscate to categories of materials such as journal articles, periodicals, and items from the popular press or social media for the remaining readings. In the assessment strategy you can leverage assignment categories and percentages. Some portions of the course outline will need specificity, but others can be obfuscated. If you have questions then please contact Mark Felix (mwfelix@email.arizona.edu).

Instructors and instructional designers can see the Publish button. TAs, preceptors, and students cannot see the Publish button and cannot use the publish process. The instructor controls what is published for their course.

Please contact Mark Felix (mwfelix@email.arizona.edu) as he can work with you to create a Course Outline that will cover all of your sections and all of your faculty. This one document will be used for all students when they look for more information during the course registration process. Each year Mark will work with you to ensure the information is up to date.

Every semester that the course is offered please publish an updated syllabus or course outline.

Typically students will be viewing the published files from a Fall 2018 course during Fall 2019 registration process. The files will be clearly labeled as being subject to change at the faculty's discretion and being from the previous semester.

Go to D2L Content and remove the phrase Syllabus from the topic name. Return to D2L Course Home and click on the Syllabus button. At the bottom of the screen will be a Delete button that will allow you to remove the file from the repository.

Syllabus Templates