Senior Vice Provost Gail Burd describes the syllabus project and the reason for uploading it in your D2L site in this short video presented by the Office of Instruction and Assessment.

Dr. Burd linked below the video, a copy of the syllabus for her fall 2018 Freshman Honors class. The syllabus has all the components that meets UA's accreditation requirement. Information that relates to Dr. Burd's course design are posted separately on her D2L class site under reading assignments. She also linked below, a detailed list of course topics and assignments in a separate document.

The class syllabus was uploaded through D2L and then saved to the campus repository for the accreditors to evaluate. The content relating to more specific details and design of the class is available for her students in Honors 195i to view on D2L, but it is not uploaded with the syllabus, nor is it stored in the campus repository.


Syllabus Templates