This is an example of content from the Learning Assistants Quick Start Program which is a D2L-based mini-course offered at the University of Arizona.

Learning Assistant Comments

"I really found the articles that were posted in the assignments to be very helpful. The articles helped give me a better understanding of the importance of a Learning Assistant in the CLS environment and how it benefits both the professor and the students."

"The videos and articles about teaching and how to work with students was helpful to better understand how to be a learning assistant."

This link will provide you with a sample of the content and activities of one of the modules in the Learning Assistant Quick Start Program. 

The focus of the module is on introducing students to active and collaborative learning strategies. 

Students will have the opportunity to:

  1. Read about evidence-based active learning
  2. Explore the active learning links
  3. Watch active learning videos
  4. Participate in a discussion
  5. Take a short quiz to check for understanding