Co-Teaching Spotlight: Experiential Learning at the Grand Canyon

Oct. 10, 2023
Federico & George

Federico Moreno and George Gehrels

Federico Moreno, CIRTL Postdoc Pathways fellow (2022-2023), and George Gehrels, Distinguished University Professor in Geosciences, co-taught GEOS 225: Historical Geology in Spring 2023. As part of the course, they took their students on a field study to the Grand Canyon, where they had the opportunity to learn about volcanic eruptions and examine fossils.

Here are a few amazing pictures from their trip (photos courtesy of George Gehrels):

Students looking at fossils in Grand Canyon

Students examining fossils in the Kaibab Limestone in the Grand Canyon.

Lomaki Pueblo

Students contemplating what it would have been like living in Lomaki Pueblo, just before the big volcanic eruption of 1085 AD. The volcanoes of the San Francisco peaks are in the background.

Bright Angel Trail

Students winding their way down into the Grand Canyon along the Bright Angel Trail.


Gathering around the cooking area at our campsite on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. For many students, this was their first time camping outdoors.