The CIRTL Postdoc Pathways Program is a year-long commitment and fellows will need to participate in both semesters to complete the program.

Pathway Overview:

In the first semester, CIRTL fellows will learn about evidence-based teaching by completing an online pedagogy course, participating in a learning community (FLC) with other postdocs, taking a teaching workshop on a topic of their choice, and selecting their teaching mentor. Once they have selected a teaching mentor and the mentor agrees, they will set up a working plan for the following semester, which will include establishing a timeline and goals for the project and designating who will be responsible for what during the partnership. Both partners must agree to adhere to a collaborative co-teaching model, where both members plan, give/receive feedback, and actively collaborate. This plan must be submitted to and approved by CIRTL before the partnership begins.

In my job interviews last year, I did a Powerpoint for my teaching demo. Because of this program, this year I completely transformed my demo into a lecture with an active learning activity where we solved graphs together….I think I can say it worked really well (because I got the job!). – Katherine (2022-2023 fellow)

In the second semester, CIRTL fellows will complete their short-term co-teaching assignment, participate in a supportive learning community, and attend occasional check-in luncheons and social events with other fellows. During the partnership, participants should expect to:

  • Keep a weekly journal of their teaching successes and areas for improvement
  • Prepare and deliver lessons, assess student work, and engage in other teaching-related duties
  • Meet on a weekly basis with their teaching mentor to discuss course-related topics
  • Write a final post-partnership reflection and compile materials into a CIRTL learning portfolio

Pathway Activities Checklist:

Semester 1: Prep & Plan

  1. Take 8-week online CIRTL MOOC, “An Introduction to Evidence-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching
  2. Participate in a learning community
  3. Identify faculty to co-teach with for the next semester & design co-teaching project

Semester 2: Teach & Reflect

  1. Co-teach with faculty mentor
  2. Participate in a second learning community
  3. Complete learning portfolio

Flex (take at any time):

  1. Take a CIRTL workshop or additional course (your choice)